Pre-Order for Arashi Exhibition Journey

Hi all! Just want to inform you that my friend open pre-order for Arashi Exhibition Journey's goodies. She will buy it from the online store and will ship internationally from Tokyo. 

If you are interested, you can check her IG or Twitter @TheMJClub (yes her ichiban is the one and only, Jun Matsumoto) or click the google form to know more about the pre-order: Google Form

PS: my friends windflows236 and pinkienium gave me the swarovski as birthday present!!!! omg i was so surprised and so so so happy. LOVE YOU GUYS


Arashi - BRAVE

FIRST EVER BD FOR PV & MAKING!!! I'm so excited about this hahahaha. I love BD so much, so clean and pristine. Totally high quality. So i rip it and upload it without resizing it. The size is quite big, but i guarantee you, it's worth it! 

Song: BRAVE (2 Track: Music & Instrumental)

6 PV: Each PV 1,3 GB

Making: 6,5 GB

Download it here: BRAVE

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Bonus: JFC's Video BRAVE 

PS: If you want smaller size (1280x720), you can find it in Arashigoodies


Arashi Blast in Hawaii

I'm helping one community uploading Arashi Blast in Hawaii because their link is dead. I ripped mine and now waiting for resizing the second disc. I was thinking, why i don't upload the rip without resizing, so here i know. If you want Arashi Blast in Hawaii, please click here: Hawaii!

It's not from Bluray, only DVD so the size only 7.16 GB for Disc 1 and 5.31 GB for Disc 2. Arashi Blast in Hawaii is my first ever things that related to Arashi i bought. I don't know about CD Japan or Amazon at that time, so i asked my friend to buy it for me when she went to Japan. Of course, i can't buy the Limited Edition (i believe the LE already sold out months before she went to Japan LOL) so i bought the Regular Edition

I remember i just become their fans when they held a concert in Hawaii and makes me really want to go to Hawaii and watch their concert (first i don't have money to do that and second at that time i have no idea how J&A sell their ticket hahaha). I was totally new in fandom and know no one, "fighting" alone. Times flies, now 2019 and they already celebrating their 20th anniversary

For me, Blast in Hawaii has a special meaning. Watching it makes me want to cry (Including watching bonus video + NHK documentary + VS Arashi SP). How about you? What do you think about Blast in Hawaii?

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5x20 All The Best Scan LE1

Finally my LE1 arrived!! First thing i did when i got home was scan the photos! There are 20 photos (like postcard) and everything is amazing (when i was edited jun's photo, i felt that he was staring at me .. i hope someday i can experience the real thing, his eyes starting at me! Kami-sama, let me got Arena seat in the concert please)

Well, if you want it, just click here

5x20 All The Best Scan LE1

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My scan is not perfect and not as good as the real one. But i hope you still can enjoy it. Thanks!

For Indonesian Fans: gabung yuk ke LINE Square "ARASHILAND", ngobrol-ngobrol sambil sharing info 


5X20 ALL THE BEST!! 1999-2019

Prepare your heart, prepare a box of tissue (cause you're gonna need it, believe me, the pv will make you in tears). It's move my heart when hearing and watching it and suddenly i was in tears. When watching it, "i love arashi" always pop up in my mind. Not only i like Matsumoto Jun or Sakurai Sho, but really Arashi as a group. I really not ready for their hiatus

My album "LE2" arrived today and i rip it, my friend jheili gave me her pv & making 5x20 (i still waiting for my album, need to separate it so it won't be taxed). I upload as it is, didn't resize anything, as raw as you can get after ripping it. You can download it here:

5X20 ALL THE BEST!! 1999-2019
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The content:
1. Arashi Live Clips: 26 video cut from their concert + 1 video that compile that 26 video (i only resize the 1 video that compile everything)
2. 4 Disc for all their songs, including 5x20 in folder Disc 4. In total, there are 48 songs
3. PV & Making 5x20 with Japanese Sub

The size is big, but if you want high quality video and mp3 file, please enjoy it
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Open PO for WWG 2019

So my friend jheili decided to make instagram and social media account for open po, please follow (@)themjclub to meet your fangirling needs

Now for WWG 2019, she also open po. please contact her