Arashi's Calendar 2008.04-2009.03

Calendar is one of my favorite goodies from Arashi and i'm really glad i can found this calendar in TRIO when i just looking around. Tbh, i know nothing about this calendar when i bought it, it was sealed and i can't open it. So i just bought, believing that it will be good. IT IS GOOD!

So happy with this calendar, there are two parts, the calendar and the cooking book (yes! cooking book and you can found recipes from the member). When you look at it, there are two different image, the cool arashi and the baka arashi, which is the combination that i like.

This is the first time i'm scanning my file and turns out it took a long time, for this calendar it tooks me more than 2 hours hahahaha. The quality also not in the level i expected, maybe because the scanner? Hmmm.. Well, i'm sharing the file with you guys. There will be 2 part, part 1 is the calendar and part 2 is the cook book. But i don't know when i can scan the part 2 (sorry!) so, this is the part 1

Link: Arashi always looks cool in suit!
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My Hard Disk and Arashi's Excel

Okay, this is personal post from me hahaha. When i tried to organised my Arashi's hard disk, i tried to organise it by writen it in microsoft excel. The date, episode, the guest, and so on. Of course it is not a complete data because i'm so lazy and i don't have all Arashi video (to be honest, i don't watch or collect or download their personal variety show unless someone subbing it. Sorry Sho, Aiba, and Nino!)

Today, when i open Twitter, i saw Sakumoto's gif and make me want to watch that episode again. I watched it and in the end, it makes me organised my hard disk again (It is so messed up). While doing that, it makes me thinking about the excel, mine is not completed (especially in VSA and Arashi ni Shiyagare lol). So i want to ask some help, do you have a list about Arashi video? Any kind of list. Thanks!

This is my excel and my list, have no idea when i can write all of my hard disk file into this file.

Hi Gap-San, you still there!

It's been a while since i make a gif until i watch VS Arashi from last thursday a few minutes ago. I miss my sakumoto interaction so when i saw this, i make gif immediately. I know, this is not interaction, but i miss sakumoto so much hahahaha

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A.Ra.Shi for Dream

It was AMAZING. I can’t believe that i have a chance to watch Arashi concert with my own eyes. I went to their final performance in Fukuoka and that is so overwhelming (in a good way). I won’t write con report because there are so many people do that, but i just want to share my experience (i hope this is not the first and the last, i really want to watch their concert again, someday)

Fukuoka Dome, forever will be one of my fave place

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20th Anniversary of Jun

According to the posting on Tumblr, 20 years ago aka 17 May 1996, Matsumoto jun enter Johnny&Associates (J&A). Congratulations! You spending most of your life in Johnny. Entering J&A when you were young and now you already mature! Hahahahahaha

Well, like most of Arashi's fans, i know Arashi because of Jun in Hanadan (but i become their fans years later after Hanadan). And from all of the member of Arashi, if i can meet only one person personally, i'll choose Jun. I want to ask about their concert. How Jun manage and direct the concert. I really amazed with everything he has done in the concert and how he always share something he knows to his kouhai. His perfection toward the concert and think about every details.

In a way, i'm involved in a production so i really curious and want to learn from him. His idea really out of the box and can create a memorable concert. I'm in love with their concert, especially in an outdoor concert. Hatenai Sora during Blast in Miyagi definitely become one of fave or when they used sunset as the background for My Girl in Blast in Hawaii. Something that i can't forget. Thank you Jun, for all of the concert!

I'm so happy for him, finally he can played with a dog hahahahahahaha

One thing i love about him (well, same thing applied to all Arashi member), how Jun can change from DoS into something fluffy, cute, and sweet. For me and my friend, he is a DoM trying to be DoS hahahahaha. I love his smile and laugh. I love how the staff can tease him easily and he can throw tantrum to the staff too, it was funny to watch their interaction. "This is MJ" is my fave segment in Anishi right now (can someone please give him an action movie?)

Tbh, i'm not a big fans of his drama, his series that i watch seriously from the beginning to the end: Kindaichi, Gokusen, Hanadan, and Lucky Seven (and 99.9 of course). But still, i always wait for his drama, his next role. Thank gof 99.9 is a great drama. I really enjoy it so far.

BUT! One thing that i really hope he will do it is singing La Familia once again in the concert. He can do in his solo or singing together as Arashi. Please Jun! I really love that song. At least, put it in the album!
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Rainbow Land!

Fandom is a happy place! I can meet a lot of new people and friends from a lot of country. Everyday we chat about everything, not only about Arashi but also about life, work, family, friends, and of course random talk (totally absurd). Just like tonight and made me want to write about this in LJ. We played a game, make all of the names in one group into one sentence (of course a sentence in my language) and totally make us laugh really hard. Meet my partner in crime windflows236 in making this stupid names.

Guess The NameCollapse )

I think in the end, that is the point we are join in the fandom. To be happy together, not only about the idol you love, but in another aspect in your life. You don't need to like the same idol to have fun. Like i can have fun with windflows236, pinkienium, or scheiji_1412 when they are not in Arashi fandom. So i don't really understand if there are someone who bashing or pick a fight with another fans among the same fandom or bashing another arashi member that she/he doesn't like.

The past 3 days make me sad and angry when i read one fan bashing Sho because of his Otonoha. Maybe the one who write can said that, it is her freedom to write anything she want. But still, it makes me really angry and sad. Not only because of she bashing my OTP, but because how come you hate one member because of he told us the behind-the-scene story about Daylight.

Of course we will have someone we like and don't like, it's a natural thing as human. But when we don't like one member doesn't mean we have to bash them, right? In the end, Arashi is Arashi because of those 5 baka who work really hard to create a rainbow land for us.

I love Sakumoto, but in the end, what i love the most is OT5, when 5 of them become one in Arashi. OTP just for having fun, something that fan made because of the interaction we saw in the screen. All of the pairing has their own dynamic and it is really interesting. Just don't forget, pairing is not real, pairing is something that we made as a fan. Don't make it (pairing) as a reason to pick up a fight between fans, don't make pairing make you hate another Arashi member.
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Jun Goes To Abunai

Yesterday was chinese new year and as usual i spending the day meeting my big family. Everything went well, talking with my cousin and others, laughing, until i open LINE just for a seconds and i found my friend sending jun come to Abunai picture. In a second, i was (almost) screaming, laughing and smile like crazy person. We've been talking about this since jun's drama rumour starting and the rumour said jun drama will be in TBS. We don't care (not really, i care because i miss jun in drama, it is too long, way too long jun!) about the drama as long as he come to Abunai.

Last week our hope went high since papapic jun shooting for drama was leaking in Twitter. But as soon as the high went high, the hope fall down as soon as possible after the rumour said jun won't be in studio, only in VTR. BUT yesterday our dream come true because jun come to Abunai!!! For what? I hope he will announce his new drama or just promote Arashi new single. Whatever it is i'm so happy!!!

But it is not sakumoto if they don't talk something weird! Sho said he was ashame when people said he came to Johnny world together. WHY SHO! WHY? It doesn't weird at all if you are going together with your bandmate. And i heard they talk they accidentaly going to the butai at the same day and accidentaly sat side by side. Yeah, ACCIDENTALY. I believe in you, sakumoto LOL.

Whatever, i'm just so happy jun come to Abunai!! The immediate result is me and my friends will make shirt, dedicated to Sakumoto HAHAHAHAHA

That's enough for Sakumoto (no, it is not enough but i need to stop). So i'll move to Toma!! You're so sweet dear Toma! I really love your appearance in Fukkatsu Love and today when i opened JWeb, i found your new entry talking about that!!

And yeah, it is not cool, but KOOL. Okay Johnny!! thank you for the correction